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Brain, Body, Business

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Brain, Body, Business is 6 month, high touch, small group mastermind for seasoned nurse coaches/space holders/holistic healers in business who are ready to lean further into soul-deep support and finally shake the light level of hyper-vigilance that hums in the background of their business so they can embrace and express the full spectrum of themselves within business and life.

You’re someone who…..

  • Has proof of success in your business but can’t fully feel it because you are constantly focused on what’s next.

  • You still catch yourself looking at what others are doing in your industry instead of looking internally first, where you KNOW your magic lies.

  • You stay awake at night sometimes because you know you watered yourself down or took the easier way out because some other coach told you that was the “right” move. But that’s because they couldn’t understand the depth of your dream, so it just further disconnected you from the deeply burning passion that got you in business in the first place.

  • You have a track record of fierceness and figuring things out, but you don’t want to bring that energy into your business.

BBB is for entrepreneurs who are at their wit's end.

You're second guessing yourself, outsourcing your permission to move as immediately as your ideas come without looking at whatever everyone else is doing or asking if it’s ok for you to do it that way, even if its just to yourself and not living the dreamy self-care laden life that feels too indulgent, like you have to “work” for it. 

I know you’ve spent so much of your life tending to other’s ideas of you and their emotional shifts more than your own, ignoring your need to pee to take care of someone else and give of your soul to a place or person who didn’t return the favor. Although you are far from that person, there is an undeniable light buzz of that energy that still shows up in your business, making you doubt yourself and overthink instead of remembering the bad bitch you are. 


Being an innovator, a disrupter, an industry challenger, a human that is also building something from scratch takes up a lot of energy.


Healing from the sometimes toxic conditioning of healthcare also takes a lot of energy. When we aren’t intentional about what energy, focus, and thoughts we bring into our business, illuminating the shadowy areas… we can create the same environment within ourselves, our lives, and our business. 


A messy inside that causes tension with the manicured outside. For a lot of us, that’s why we left healthcare as we know it and created our own thing, to begin with.


I NEVER want anyone to lose sight of that. For some of us, we do.


We get lost in the certification dependence and search for the next right coach who is going to hold the keys to our success. When the holder of the keys is YOU!

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BBB is a place to find ease beyond the start-up hustle.

Lean into creativity, self-expression, and continued healing into a more unapologetic version of yourself in life and business. To own it with more confidence than ever before. To move fluidly through the days without the mental and physical weight of overthinking every move. To have the audacity.

In this place there is permission to become obsessed with your work, deepen the passion that others think is too much, and begin to honor the needs that maybe you haven’t uncovered yet so you can pour from a fuller cup, dipping a little closer into indulgence and joy beyond hypervigilance. 


In Brain, Body, Business: we will bring in courage, delusional belief, collaboration, tailored support, and comfortability so you can refine and scale to the next era of your business with deeper impact than ever before. 


  • You are ready to drop the hustle and bustle and what others told you work in business for good this time because you have deep trust in your process, I mean you have proven results.

  • You have done well on your own, but you know letting in support would make this experience of business just that much sweeter. Adding in more play and experimentation. Unmasking your professionalism and the “shoulds” a few more layers. 

  • You are an innovator, and a leader, and you are ready to step into those titles with confidence.

  • You created a business out of thin air. You questioned the status quo of your industry and followed your passion to do it your way because of the slightly delusional yet accurate belief that you can do it better. You have a vision. 

  • You are ready to trust your own gut and your own joy, and lead with that above all in your business and life.

I trust it too! So let’s rally and make it a reality…

Branch of Flowers

This group is intentionally designed to:

  • Be at the end of the year so we can hit go when everyone else is pulling back and start out strong in the new year

  • Be capped at 6-8 participants so we have time to really dig into the nuance of you each month

  • Be 6 months long so we can build on evidence and awareness over time and move from there instead of a place of “what ifs”

What’s included:

  • Length: 6 months

  • Start Date: November 6th

  • Bonus Pre-Work Call for Early Birds on October 24th

  • Cost: 

  • Base Level is $5555

  • VIP Level which includes 3 1:1 calls is $7000

  • There are multiple payment plan options available


2x 90-120 minute hot seat coaching calls/month

Access to a Facebook Group for Support in Between

Collaborate, Idea share, tap into the collective creativity and learn while also guaranteeing you time to get targeted support from me in the hot seat each month. 

How they work: You come to the call with where you need the most support. While we have additional support in our Facebook group and can be consistently experimenting and working on everything that comes up for you, this is the place to narrow in and get not just my feedback live, in real-time, but the group as well (as long as you give consent).

We can cover: Moving your business in a deeper cohesive flow that honors your brain, body, and life—and anything else that remains in my scope of practice within your business. Digging into energy management when it comes to navigating all of the things you are alongside a business owner so you can pour from a fuller cup. Ideation, and bringing your next big idea (or a clearer, more innovative version of an idea you want to refine). Business strategy, where to delegate, eliminate, simplify, or amplify so your business is more sustainable and build safety/confidence/space to scale it. The verbiage of the external communication of your work: messaging, positioning, and tone through a trauma-informed lens. Bringing forward your inner voice and knowing to lead more from that than what coaches have taught you in the past. 

Coworking Brainstorming Sessions

Throughout our six months together, you’ll be provided with the opportunity to join co-working sessions. You can come to work on our zoom session in silence just to be around people, or you can use this as a brainstorming session around content/offer/strategy/support.

Access the insight and perspective of the collective group and myself between calls. You don’t have to use this space if you aren’t a Facebook group type of person, but it’s a place to pull on connection and collaboration 

Access to ALL workshops I put out during our time together

Whether it’s a workshop or mini-course, because you’re in the mastermind you get FREE access to all the offers I put out (minus anything that gives CEUs and unless otherwise noted).

3x Bonus Live Workshop/Q&A Calls

These calls will be with other incredible Business Owners who work specifically with the details of growing, scaling and supporting a business from other industries. More details to come!

Writing Reviews

An extra set of eyes on your content, website or sales page to hone in your messaging to attract your right AND ready client, so you can finally drop “outreach” from your to-do list. 

Resources and Templates

Resources made specifically for this group to bring concrete/logistics to your patterns so we can build awareness about your brain, body, and business needs to continue to build support and trust within your unique and brilliant process. 

I'm READY to join!!

Do you want to connect before you sign up? (Insert App Button)


Want to REALLY dig in? (Insert 1:1 copy here)

Delicate Fabric

This is for you if:

My ultimate hopes for you are that at the end of 6 months with our group:

  • You are navigating your business with more comfort and less mental gymnastics (ease) than ever before.

  • You finally launched that idea that has been living in your head for a while and you have made space for the growth FIRST before it came so it feels natural to “hit the gas.” 

  • You move between your life with your business like a conversation between two friends over coffee. 

  • You have grown self-awareness in your patterns to be able to push the envelope.

  • You have a strong understanding of your patterns and how they interrupt your momentum, knowing that if you pushed it too far again this time, you will recover well because you are supported.

  • You use your time and energy more potently, leaving more space for what wakes your soul up at night. You make money with more ease than ever before.


If you know you know.

And I trust you do. 


I trust your awareness of the support you need, and your readiness to get to where you want to go. 

If you’re ready to truly go all in, I hope you sign up.



Marry the why and the doing.

Find YOUR unique business voice first and not through the lens of another coach who told you there was only one way. 

zoom in on your previous successes, bring awareness to your patterns and habits, zoom out to scale over time with a plan, build in supports, learn where you are giving too much, build

Are there payment plans?



When are the calls?

Mondays 1-3 pm EST once we get going.


Will I be safe in this group? 


Are there refunds?


What if I can’t make a call?

Am I experienced enough?


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