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Coaching Packages and Other Offerings

Avocado Salad

2-Hour Holistic
Health Deep Dive

Empowered Patient Package

Who is this for? If you are in the weeds of your autoimmune or mystery illness, sick and tired of being sick and tired and ready to make a move but feeling a little paralyzed in overanalysis paralysis.


What do you accomplish? We start with a thorough and detailed holistic assessment, no stones are left unturned here. We are looking at your social health, your spiritual health, sleep, nutrition, movement, emotions, etc. Then we prioritize and create an action plan moving forwards with plan A, B, and C to move towards healing, identify any gaps in your care plan, give any referrals to help you build a thorough care team, set up accountability to keep you on your healing journey and whatever else is needed along the way. This is POTENT, laser-focused coaching steeped in holistic care and functional medicine/lifestyle wellness.

The investment: $250

Navigating in Woods

Private Coaching, 1 on 1!

This program is perfect for the new client. 

It includes:

  • 90 minute initial visit where I get to know you while we holistically assess each area of your life and create a comprehensive view of your health right where you are at. 

  • Weekly 60 minute meetings for the following 5 weeks, then bi-weekly after that for a total of 8 sessions. 

  • 45 minute reflective session to review what we have done on our last week together

  • Email support in between meetings within a 24 hour response time

Image by Sarah Cervantes

The Empowered Patient Coaching Package

Do you struggle with continuing to feel bad after the conventional model of medicine has done everything they can to treat you? Do you have a difficult time managing all the things that come along with a new diagnosis, chronic illness or autoimmune disease? The diet, stress management, medications, specialists, environmental factors, lifestyle modifications, keeping up with a social life? The list goes on. Let me join in as an adjunct to your healthcare team and climb in those trenches with you. Together, we can co-create goals, sift through the overwhelming amounts of health information out there and empower you through education and transformative coaching to show up as an asset and invaluable member of your healthcare team, not just a patient.


Wellness Work Shops or Classes

Do you have a group in mind you would love to bring more wellness to? Whether it's a class or more of a hands on workshop, let's make it happen!

Some class or workshop focuses include:

  • Mindful Living

  • Whole Food, Nutrient Dense, Clean Eating

  • Sleep Hygiene

  • Stress Reduction

  • Sustainable, Low Toxin Living

  • Mindfulness in Motherhood

The possibilities are endless! Let's chat and see what we can make work for your needs! 

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