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I am Ashley. I am a board certified health and wellness nurse coach. I am FIRED up about health promotion and holistic wellness. There are so many things we can do to prevent and manage disease that the current healthcare model just doesn't afford us the time to discuss. Enter the nurse coach. I want to support you as you reach your optimal level of wellbeing, align your life with your values and become an unstoppable force and light that only you can be. I want to meet you right where you are so we can create sustainable, real life-long change in your life. I had to do the work when I was diagnosed with chronic illness myself and I want to pass on this gift to you! Also, you don't have to have an illness to work with me, I meant it when I said I meet you RIGHT where you are at. Health promotion is for everyone!



Have you felt like you were made for more? Like life is just happening to you instead of you living your most fulfilling life? Or are you seeking to reverse chronic illness or just find some clarity in the midst of it all? Let's chat! I am dedicated to showing up and supporting you on this journey!

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Don't take it from me, let's hear what my clients have to say!


When I first started working with Ashley and Deeply Rooted Wellness, we were in the middle of the pandemic. However, prior to that, I had already been isolating myself for years from people I once cared deeply for because of a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunications. I felt abandoned and so did they. But there was so much more going on including chronic illness that had brought me to my knees. I felt more comfort behind my solid walls of isolation that I enclosed the entry way, flooded the moat, and demolished the platform to allow anyone inside.

It was the shared experience of chronic illness that brought me to working with
Ashley because I knew if ANYONE understood the stigma of chronic illness, it was her. That was the original theory. Throughout my 3 months of coaching with Ashley, the topics ran the gamut from PTSD, isolation, relationships (friendships and romantic), diet, diagnoses, and so much more. You think that you’d get lost by exploring so many paths at once. However, it was not like that at all.

Working with Ashley made me feel WHOLE for the first time in longer than I could remember. Although I still was mourning the perfect vision of myself, for the first time in my life, I lost all sense of any kind of suicidal feelings.
Having someone champion me, help me focus my journaling, hone in on my
desires, and celebrate my victories (no matter how small and insignificant they
seemed to be) was the catalyst to open up doors and dreams. I feel confident
walking into a doctor’s office to demand being heard. I feel strength in newly found boundaries with myself, friends, and family members. I am slowly letting down the drawbridge and timidly reaching out to make amends to those I’ve hurt by my isolation. I’ve begun to seek answers to my health and solidified a path to my future self in doing so.

I have already recommended Ashley to a friend who’s also looking for answers in a world turning a blind eye to the mental ravages of chronic illness. But honestly, I feel like (to borrow a catch phrase), if you have a belly button, Ashley at Deeply Rooted Wellness will help you figure it all out. She will guide you, offer encouragement, and be the voice of reason to help you soar.

Marcia W.

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When Ashley and I began our sessions, I had recently been diagnosed with GERD, I had just started a new job, and was dealing with some family health issues. Our coaching sessions have given me a renewed sense of self and confidence that I will be eternally grateful for. 

    The first thing you have to know about Ashley is that she will automatically bring you into her life like you’ve been there forever. She will never make you feel like a burden. She has so much passion and joy that radiates from her constantly. I think the most important thing for a health coach to be is encouraging. Ashley is incredibly motivational, and is there to celebrate every victory, from minuscule to life-changing. I felt like she was with me every step of the way. 

    A big achievement that I totally was not expecting from this experience is getting ahold of my finances. Ashley is so knowledgeable in many aspects, including financial health. She helped give me the confidence to come up with a budget that sincerely has helped not only with my finances, but with my mental health as well. Another unexpected insight that I’ve gained through this process is to give myself more credit. Ashley has been there to remind me that every positive change, no matter how small is an absolute win. Her cheering me on has given me the confidence to cheer myself on. 

    I would recommend Ashley to anyone and everyone. She is an amazing coach, person, mother, and friend. When Ashley has graduated the program, I plan on using her services, and recommending them to everyone I hold dear. There are some things that can’t be taught. Ashley’s kindness and joy bubbles over into everyone she meets, and I think that makes her a unique asset to anyone looking for guidance. 

Gillian O.


Before coaching, I was dealing with the after effects of a bad car accident. The accident gave me a bad whiplash injury and I was dealing with post-concussive syndrome. The injuries left me unsure of my future in my career, and sent me into depression due to  my decreased level of functionality. (I’m making a bulleted list, because it’s easier)

  • I was struggling with healthcare issues related to family members.

  • Raising a teenager during a global pandemic.

  • Being a supportive and functional wife/mother

  • self-confidence

  • anxiety

  • PTSD related to childhood trauma and my car accident

  • chronic pain

  • Being a front line worker in a global pandemic and being afraid to bring COVID home to my family

Our coaching sessions gave me back self-confidence that I thought was lost forever. I began as a couch potato, who was wallowing. At the end of our sessions I felt in control of my emotions, my body, my health, and my future. I advocated for my own health and avoided having an unnecessary surgery. I advocated for myself at work and am now in the process of being trained for a minor leadership role. I improved my functionality in my home, and reconnected with my husband and son. I learned how to be more in the moment, and to respond, not react to stressors in my daily life. Ashley, you provided me with a toolbox of coping. I now utilize journaling, meditating, and sometimes just being present to maintain my mental and emotional health. Not everyday is perfect, and not everyday is easy, but I am now confident in my ability to face each day and not go back to being the defeated couch potato I was at the beginning.

I recommend your coaching to absolutely everyone and anyone who is feeling lost, who is feeling like a lesser version of themselves. Anyone who needs to feel heard, supported, and empowered. Mothers, fathers, healthcare professionals, service professionals, I think your knowledge and expertise is applicable across the board.

Janea L.

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