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Dear angry women

Dear angry women,

I am sorry the world told you in so many little ways that anger isn’t acceptable to feel or express. I am sorry you feel so much shame for being angry or disappointed or ragey.

But I want to tell you something, your anger is instinctual. It is given to you for a purpose. I am not sure if anyone has ever told you this before, but I WANT you to be angry.

Anger is a check engine light. It’s a switch that is flipped on to tell you something is wrong, a message from your internal world. A boundary of yours has been violated or something or someone needs to be protected.

When we stuff or avoid our anger to meet outside expectations of us, it doesn’t go away. It builds and builds until it boils out in rage. It may be now when you blow up, it may be later when it manifests as chronic illness in response to all the tension and stress your body has been experiencing from the strain of holding it in.

Your anger is justified. It’s in response to seeing a world filled with violence and people being treated unfairly. It is a God-given gift given specifically to you to protect and care for your children and the world and hold it accountable to doing better.

So let’s heal our relationship with our anger, and harness our rage. It’s our superpower.

You will hear this from me often: "it’s not the problem, it’s the relationship we have with the problem."

It’s not our anger that's the problem, it’s society and generations before telling us to stuff it because it’s “bad.”

So let’s rage, let’s burn the bitch down. For our daughters, for our mothers, for a better world.

A huge piece of generational healing is emotional maturity and radical acceptance. We often aren’t modeled healthy relationships with our feelings. A lot of times we are taught to stuff, numb, minimize or avoid them altogether. But when we attune to them, we deepen our connection with our bodies, souls, and purpose. Our emotions are huge insights into our internal world and amazing messengers if we listen.

Are you listening?

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