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Healing from the "Good Catholic Girl" stereotype- Client Wisdom

"This is the first time since we started working together that I felt NO guilt about taking off from what I am "supposed" to be doing to have a day of doing tasks around the house for ME."

My client recently re-signed on for another 3-month coaching container after her initial 6 months of holistic business-building coaching/mentorship with the intention to dive deeper into her generational junk. (That's the side effect of our work as coaches, it serves as a mirror for our healing needs!)

On our second call, we pulled up a HUGE root from a tangled-up mess that pervaded every area of her life and the cause of every issue we have coached around the past 6 months.


The guilt she took on while being in catholic school as a kid. We found the words and the self-awareness to be able to express herself, begin to process, and move forward differently.

What would your life look like if guilt wasn't a motivating factor?

What would your faith look like if guilt wasn't the motivating factor?

How would you show up differently in the world and within your family if guilt wasn't in the driver's seat?

For her, guilt pervaded every area we coached around in her business and life: her type A personality, people pleasing, overdoing it, being always "on," her worthiness, her lack of deep joy, her missing out on moments of presence with her family... we chased it down the rabbit hole to realize what she is searching for is an identity she lost to her conditioning.

Who is she without this guilt?

I can't WAIT to find out!

It's like finding a diamond in a pile of rocks. We pull off each rock of guilt slowly but surely and get closer and closer to the shiny diamond of the incredible human she is. Allowing her to step into a life motivated by love and her values. We are peeling guilt out of the driver's seat of her daily decision-making and putting her back in it.

I see her in many years looking back from her death bed and not seeing guilt, but life and relationships built on what she truly believes in. She will see joy, gratitude, and a life spent well, with intention and care. That's the kind of thing that brings tears to my eyes and purpose to my soul.

6 months...

How could life look different if you were committed to shining a light on the shadowy places of your generational and societal wounds for 6 months?

I get so excited thinking of the possibilities!

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